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Almost 40 wineries to tease your senses... multiple wine events throughout the year.

Tribal Pomo customs are strong in Lake County, a history that goes back centuries... the customs live on.

Four courses to choose from: tee off on the lakeshore or in the pines of Cobb Mountain.

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Clear Lake Team Bass Tournament


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Feeling sick, going to tough it out? Think again, please!

Feeling sick, going to tough it out? Think again, please! When the first reports concerning the spread of the Coronavirus in Wuhan, China hit the storylines back in December 2019, the consensus was, keep it over there and I’ll stay over here. For the next month or so,...

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Getting Elected is a Tough Sell

As I peek ahead to that last page on my wall calendar, there lies December and the fastest moving 25 days known to mankind. Just as I do with my Christmas shopping, I’ll avoid even recognizing that December 25th will be here quicker than a hiccup after a spoonful of stuffing. I wish to savor what is my favorite holiday of the year, Thanksgiving.

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