Almost 40 wineries to tease your senses... multiple wine events throughout the year.

Tribal Pomo customs are strong in Lake County, a history that goes back centuries... the customs live on.

Four courses to choose from: tee off on the lakeshore or in the pines of Cobb Mountain.

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The New Normal…. Or is it settling?

As we slide into October from a relatively calm summer in terms of wildfires, we appear to have dodged the proverbial bullet, at least for this year. The forecast for October looks encouraging, relative to the factors we have feared in the past; heat, lack of humidity...

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Californians on the Move? Let’s Pump the Brakes

I just read a somewhat compelling article about Californians leaving the state in favor of more affordable locations. Texas was the focus of this article, but Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Nevada were also mentioned as popular landing spots for Californians on the run.   
It’s not only people that are leaving, businesses are packing up everything …

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