COVID-19 Alerts

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Check your Zone Number

Residents are advised that there is an IMMEDIATE threat to life and property from a wildfire, and are urged to evacuate. Please leave the area. A shelter has been established at Kelseyville High School.

Take the following protective actions and leave immediately; 1. Gather all family members. 2. Gather all pets. 3. Gather only essential items. 4. Be sure to bring essential medications with you. 5. Turn off all appliances and lights in your home. 6. Lock your home.


The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has also issued an EVACUATION WARNING for the following Zones:

LOW-E167, LOW-E170, and LOW-E176


We are asking everyone to take preparations in the event that a mandatory evacuation order is issued. Preparations should include gathering all medications, important documents, making plans for pets, and notifying family members where you may be going. Those requiring additional time to evacuate or those with pets or livestock should leave the area as soon as possible. During a mandatory evacuation, it will be extremely hectic and traffic conditions will be very congested. By evacuating early, you do your part in keeping yourself, your neighbors, and our first responders safe.

Leave the area immediately