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  • Anticipated low level of Clear Lake this year by mid-September, (we are currently at .45 feet Rumsey and in 2020 we were at 4.31 feet on this date), The construction of the new Lakeport Lakefront Plan Safety concerns associated with seaplanes coming onto a dirt field with an uneven surface, we do not see that as an option for 2021.

 The intent of the Chamber’s Splash In Committee at this time, is to bring the Splash In back in 2022 in the new park area which will be completed in early 2022.  We would also get permission from the city to bring aircraft with a wingspan of 30ft or less on shore at the 5 th  Street ramp immediately adjacent to the new park area for display.  This will provide parking for more seaplanes to participate in 2022.

 The new park area has a seaplane ramp in the design however the city does not have funding for ramp construction, at this time.  We are looking to raise the required funding (amount to be determined) so that the ramp can be installed during the new park construction.