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COVID-19 TESTING: Verily’s Project Baseline Now Available in Lake County
Gary Pace MD, MPH

Lake County, CA (May 14, 2020) – The County of Lake’s Health Services Department, Public Health
Division, has been working with great determination to increase COVID-19 testing opportunities within
Lake County. Our purpose has been two-fold: 1) to protect our communities; and 2) to meet the
Governor’s required mandates for moving through the process of reopening our local economy.
We are deeply grateful the California COVID-19 Testing Task Force (,
Senator Mike McGuire and Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry shared Lake County’s perspective,
that lagging indicators such as COVID-19-related hospitalizations and deaths should not be allowed to
lead in rural California. Surveillance testing was and remains a must in Lake County, where a quarter of
the population is at risk of severe complications.
It is a great pleasure to announce collaborative efforts with the Task Force and our Legislative partners
have paid off. Verily’s Project Baseline arrived in Lake County yesterday, and began work to operate a
mobile Drive-Thru testing site, in collaboration with Team Rubicon USA and County Health Services
Residents can now screen their symptoms and, if eligible, make an appointment for testing at various
sites around the county, using Project Baseline’s COVID-19 Testing Program online screening tool and
appointment scheduling system, found at This program will focus
first on high-risk populations. Screening and testing criteria are based on public health guidelines,
which may be updated to reflect the latest guidance from public health authorities.
Project Baseline’s COVID-19 Program provides a connected solution to support individuals from
screening through testing and receipt of their test results. Verily developed the Baseline COVID-19
Program working closely with state and local government health authorities and other private health
organizations, with the goal of expanding access to COVID-19 screening and testing.
Eligible persons must be 18 years or older, and live in Lake County. Based on the COVID-19 screener
and testing appointment availability, individuals will learn whether they are eligible for testing through
this program, and be provided a testing location and appointment.


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