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Lake County, CA (July 9, 2020) – Since our previous update of Friday, July 3, COVID-19 infections have continued to rise in Lake County. Yesterday (July 8), we confirmed Lake County’s 100th case. As many will recall, we eclipsed 50 cases over the weekend of June 27 and 28. Our total caseload more than doubled in a period of less than two weeks, and new cases have surfaced in several different communities.

As of this writing, of our 101 cases, 19 are active. 1 patient is hospitalized locally, and 1 further is hospitalized out of the area. All of the rest of those that recently required hospital-based care are recovering well, and have been released.

There is some good news here. Our active case count stood at 44 just one week ago, and that number has dropped by more than half, despite the increase of 16 overall cases in that period. Even as active cases rose over the past couple of weeks, the local healthcare system was able to respond. Our contact tracing capacity was stretched, but our team of Public Health Nurses rose to the occasion, and we are very hopeful that additional support from the State level is coming soon.

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