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Promoting an Optimal State of Wellness in Lake County
New Orders Signal Reopening, Require Continued Caution
Gary Pace MD, MPH

Lake County, CA (May 8, 2020) – Yesterday, the Governor issued new orders that signal a move to
Stage 2 in the response to the COVID outbreak, and Lake County has followed suit. Under the new
State orders, some retail businesses that are considered “low-risk” can now do phone and online sales
with curbside pickup.
While this may seem like a small change, the fact we have moved into Stage 2 means we can prepare to
move forward with further openings at a quicker speed than the larger urban areas.
Today, I am issuing orders that replace the previous local orders, by essentially aligning with the
Governor’s orders. Previous discrepancies between the State and local orders will be removed. We will
have a few clarifications specific to our county, mainly a continued need to get exemptions for people
staying in hotels. This is in alignment with the governor’s continued Stay-at-Home (Shelter-in-Place)
rules, but does afford a bit more accountability.

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