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Michael Chandler 

2021-2022 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

Owner- Third Eye Visuals

I grew up in Southern California with a camera in hand and a keen interest in experimenting with photography and videography. Largely self-taught, I bolstered my skill set, market understanding, and leadership skills with practical experience, classes and workshops, and several tours of duty as a Burning Man camp lead as I made my way through Tahoe and Sonoma County en route to Lake County, where I settled in 2013. In 2017, I founded Third Eye Visuals to focus on exploring and perfecting innovative photographic and cinematic techniques for integration into conventional projects to better support education and small business. Infused with my passion for photography, education and community outreach, Third Eye Visuals is currently developing offerings such as virtual field trips for students, aerial shoots to attract pilots to the area, virtual venue flythroughs’, and hybridized video/livestream interactive entertainment experiences. I was most recently invited to head the newly created ARTech Committee in Middletown, an initiative formed to advance Lake County’s art scene as well as it’s schools and businesses through the smart fusion of art and technology.