Mathew Metcalf

2020-2022 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

Manager – Greenview Restaurant/ Hidden Valley Lake Association

I have lived in Lake County for four years now after twenty years living and working in San Francisco.  You may know me as the Food & Beverage Director and Events Director for Hidden Valley Lake Association. I currently sit on the Middletown Area Merchants Association (MAMA) and Lake County Winery Association (LCWA) Boards of Directors.  I recently became a Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) for Lake County as well.  I try to involve myself in our local community as much as possible through volunteer and charity work.  I have participated in every Lake County School Career Day I can find and always find somewhere and someone to cook for when we have had local wildfires. I went to Chico after the Paradise fire and worked at the World Central Kitchen operation.  Another project, I personally made 150 jars of jam and donated all of the proceeds to a local organization, Totes for Teens.I feel that Lake County has extreme potential, unmatched beauty and wonderful people.  Ultimately, my goal is to do my part to accentuate those things, especially by using my unique skill set in the hospitality industry.  I am always proud to serve my community and being a Lake County Chamber Director allows me to expand on that service.