COVID-19 Alerts

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Updated Lake County Public Health Orders Issued last week by Health Officer Doctor Gary Pace now allow some activities including fishing from shore, hiking and jogging in areas where public parks are open. Library Park remains fully closed and these activities will not be allowed. While the city does desire to open Library Park as soon as we can, we must be able to fully provide for public health and safety and there are additional reasons that we can not yet allow any activities. Major construction is still in progress at Library Park, to protect our employees we have limited park staff available and we do not have any open public restrooms available. We will continually assess our ability to allow public access as we understand the people’s desire to use their public park lands.

City owned land known as Dutch Harbor in the 900 block of North Main Street is open for public access.  It has parking and the shore of Clear Lake can be reached for fishing or walking.

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