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Business Services, Activities Eligible to Expand

LAKE COUNTY, CA (April 13, 2021) – As vaccination progresses across the State, Tier criteria for the State’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy continue to loosen. This afternoon, the California Department of Public Health announced Lake County had advanced to the Orange Tier, meaning a greater number of business services and other activities will be eligible to resume starting tomorrow (4/14):
To see a listing of all eligible activities, enter “Lake” in the “County” search bar at this link:

The State also announced an addendum to their “Activity and Business Tiers” chart. Businesses are now able to increase the capacities of their facilities while continuing to limit the risk of COVID spread, by designating “facilities or sections of facilities where all guests have been tested or are fully vaccinated. In addition, physical distancing is not required in sections where all guests are fully vaccinated.” Here is the full chart, updated today:

Looking Ahead: California Hopes to Move “Beyond the Blueprint” June 15
With greater than 20 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine now having been administered in California, State officials are hopeful our economy can fully reopen as of June 15. This plan relies on sufficient vaccine supply and stable and low hospitalization rates. “Common sense health measures,” including masking, are expected to continue, and testing and vaccination may be required for certain high risk activities. More information is available here: