Lake County, CA -With the rapidly increasing number of COVID cases in the region and statewide, Governor Newsom has issued new “Stay at Home Orders” that will take effect when the ICU bed availability in the region goes below 15%. These orders are not in effect in Lake County at this point, but the projections are that they will begin sometime in the next few weeks.

In Lake County, we have now experienced over 1000 confirmed COVID cases since the beginning of the pandemic, and 21 people have died. The number of cases is rising dramatically, as are the number of people hospitalized with COVID-related symptoms. Given the way hospitals work in rural areas, our two hospitals operate as a part of a larger regional network. So, when looking at hospital capacity, it is important to evaluate the bed availability in the larger region. As of yesterday, we currently have 13 people in the hospital with a positive COVID status, 11 of them are in out-of-county facilities.


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