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Almost 40 wineries to tease your senses... multiple wine events throughout the year.

Tribal Pomo customs are strong in Lake County, a history that goes back centuries... the customs live on.

Four courses to choose from: tee off on the lakeshore or in the pines of Cobb Mountain.

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Lake County Advances to Orange Tier of State Blueprint

Business Services, Activities Eligible to Expand LAKE COUNTY, CA (April 13, 2021) – As vaccination progresses across the State, Tier criteria for the State’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy continue to loosen. This afternoon, the California Department of Public Health...

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LAKE COUNTY MOVES TO THE ORANGE TIER This afternoon’s Press Release from the California Department of Public Health announced Lake County’s move to the Orange Tier. It also announced an addendum to the State’s “Activity and Business Tiers” Chart, providing businesses...

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