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Almost 40 wineries to tease your senses... multiple wine events throughout the year.

Tribal Pomo customs are strong in Lake County, a history that goes back centuries... the customs live on.

Four courses to choose from: tee off on the lakeshore or in the pines of Cobb Mountain.

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Cache Fire Ash and Burn Debris Clean-up Removal

Debris and ash from residential and other structural fires may contain toxic substances due to the presence of synthetic and hazardous materials.  Many building materials, such as older plumbing pipe and floor and ceiling tiles contain asbestos, and older buildings...

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The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has issued an EVACUATION WARNING for the following Zones: LOW-E161.  This zone is located to the West of 53, North of 29, Northeast of Point Lakeview Rd. All previous orders and warnings remain in effect. We are asking everyone to take...

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