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How to create a Hot Deal in Chambermaster


Hot deals are a way to post coupons, discounts, or offers on Chamber Master and the public through our website. This feature also allows you to send coupons member to member.

*Hot deals can be anything and apply to any business and are fully customizable

* Save money on Marketing by using Chambermaster software to design your coupon

* Promotes your business and gives customers an incentive to come in



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How to create a Job Posting in Chambermaster


Job posting in Chamber Master will allows members to create ads that will be posted so all members and the public can see available job openings through website.

* Save money on paying a company for job listings

* Public & Members will see job postings and apply Business owners can find the perfect candidate for them

* Gives exposure to residents who understand Lake County and know its history

       * Helps employers find the perfect candidate to fit their needs.



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