Gary Deas 

2021-2023 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

Owner – Our Tiny Diner / Director of Operations – Elijah House

My wife, Lacey Deas and I have lived in Lake County for about 20 years. We have a farm in Lakeport. We are both very active in our community. I love Lake County. My desire to sit on the board is truly that simple. I know that Lake County has so much to offer. I know that we need to help our local businesses recover and rebuild due to COVID. I know that this will be a big effort and be an “all hands-on deck” endeavor. I have owned several small businesses over the last 30 years. I know the financial struggle, the hiring struggle and the day to day struggle that any business can go through. I think my love of Lake County, my knowledge of small businesses, my eagerness to help, and my ability to talk to anyone all make me a perfect Board Member. I was Mr. Lake County for 2 years and Lake County Man of the Year in 2018. My goal in both roles was to share the absolute best of Lake County. Today, my mission is the same; to continue to share all the opportunities and benefits of living and owning a business in Lake County.