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Q: Where can you find parking the day of the Tournament and will there be enough parking for trucks & trailers ?

A:  Parking will be at Library Park between 3rd and 5th street ramps and the Dutch Harbor area on Main Street will be available to our participants.  D/Harbor is next to the Anchorage Inn.  If it appears that we need more parking, we are working with the city of Lakeport to see if the school property (which the city now owns) between 5th Street and D.Harbor can be used. 

Q: Is there an age limit for participants ?

A: There is currently no age limit on this tournament. However participants under the age of 18 need a signed liability form filled out and returned before they can compete. The form is available for download on our website. we are encouraging all participants to use common sense when deciding the appropriate age for their partner

Q: Do I have to wear a mask even though I’m on my own boat ?

A: You must wear a mask and maintain social distance every time you come on shore 

Q: How many people can be on the boat?

A: Only 2 people are allowed on the boat during the competition

Q: When do walk in applications open ?

A: February 5, 2021

Q: If I rolled over my application to this year do I still need to fill out an application?

A: Yes, we need a new application due to new  liability information. However it does not change your blast off number standing

Q: If I decided not to receive a refund from last year and rolled my application over to this year does my blast off number change ?

A: Yes, all rollover applicants will be held as first to receive blast off numbers 

Q: If I do not apply in person February 5th when will my blast off number be generated?

A: The applicants who rolled over their entry fee from last year are issued the first Blast Off numbers, followed by walk in applicants. Each entry after that will be timestamped. The first applications we receive in house will  be issued numbers in the order of the time stamp

Q: Do I have to launch my boat from Skylark Shores Resort?

A: No, You may launch your boat from any spot on the lake 

Q: Are you worried about water levels being too low during the tournament for weigh ins?

A: No, Live well checks will be off the high dock behind Carnegie Library at the main park area. We used that location many years ago when the tournament began.

Q: Do I need Quagga Muscle Stickers ?

A: All boats must have their Quagga Mussel stickers prior to entering the waters of Clear Lake, no exceptions!   

Q: Are there hotels offering discounts to fisherman?

A: Skylark Shores Resort has discounted rates for those anglers wishing to stay at their hotel. Their Fisherman’s Rate is $95 – $125 / night. 

Call 707 263-6151 or 800 263-6151. 

 Several lodging facilities in the area are also offering special rates for participants. (See application for more information.)

Q: What does my entry fee go to ?

A: 100%of all paid entries go into a prize pool.  

Q: Are there any Pre-Fishing Restrictions ?

A: The only Pre-Fishing Restriction is that boats must be off the lake by 3 pm Friday, March 19th, 2021 with no off-limits. 


If you have any other questions not answered do not hesitate to call 707-263-5092 or email

  Good Luck Everyone