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Lake County, CA (June 18, 2020) – It is a great positive that I can again report COVID-19 activity remains stable in Lake County, thanks, in part, to people taking precautions, and our local economy continues to reopen. Here are brief situational updates in three important areas.33rd and 34th Cases Identified in Lake County.

On Sunday, Lake County’s 33rd case of COVID-19 was confirmed. Monday, we documented our 34th. While the 31st and 32nd cases were members of the same household, the most recent two were distinct cases. Both were tied to out-of-county cases.

The 34th case had recently attended some social gatherings, and investigations and contact tracing are ongoing, but there are presently no signs of concern regarding community transmission.At this time, 2 confirmed cases are active. Both are stable and isolating at home.

Personal Services in Lake County to Expand Tomorrow, June 19. Late Friday afternoon, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued their anticipated COVID-19 update, including guidance for Nail Salons and Other Personal Care Services. The guidance, which includes a face covering mandate and other “stringent protections,” is applicable to:

 Estheticians
 Skin Care
 Cosmetology Services
 Electrology
 Nail Salons
 Body Art Professionals
 Tattoo Parlors and Piercing Shops
 Massage Therapy (in non-healthcare settings)

All of these sectors will reopen Friday, June 19. For more information, CDPH’s Press Release can be found here:

If you review this information and still have questions, reach out to County of Lake Health Services staff, at or 707-263-8174.

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