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Erin McCarrick 

2021-2022 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

Owner- Backroads Distribution

I am a California native who took a long stint in the Midwest after high school. I came back to California to get my MBA at the University of San Francisco. In 2015, I came to Lake County as a liaison between the fire recovery companies, local hires, unions, and the state government to train and staff the massive effort to clean up the Valley Fire and subsequently the Clayton Fire. We committed to hiring over 40% locally and worked to give back to Lake County as a whole. I still maintain many of those relationships and reach out to local hires in new business endeavors. Knowing I wanted to make Lake County my home and discovering many of my great relatives lived and owned businesses here, I decided to open a business myself. At the same time, I was working with my uncle who had cancer and was working with cannabis to find ways to ease his pain. With the new laws allowing cannabis to come to Clearlake, we applied for a distribution license, and are soon to open Backroads Distribution. Each day I continue to discover the hidden gems of people and places here. I enjoy serving as a Planning Commissioner in Clearlake and working the Certified Tourism Ambassador program to promote Clearlake and Lake County as a whole. I look forward to the next step in discovery with the Lake County Chamber of Commerce. I also think it is important for the Chamber to have a voice from the cannabis industry on the board.