COVID-19 Alerts

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To the residents of Lake County:
Starting March 15, 2021, Governor Newsom is expanding vaccine eligibility to include people 16-64 years old with certain medical conditions. The specific guidance is listed below. When it is possible, we encourage them to get the COVID vaccine through their primary provider’s office.
We at Lake County Health Department are asking people coming to our vaccination sites who would be considered eligible by these criteria to get a note from their medical provider to verify their eligibility.
The idea is that eligible would make an appointment beforehand (starting Monday March 15); we will need to verify their identity and their eligibility status at the front gate of the vaccine site. There are somewhere between 500-1000 people coming through each day now, and we don’t want our people in this chaos to have to make the determination if someone qualifies or not. We ask for proof of occupation for the folks that qualify due to their job, so this is a similar process.
All we ask is that they bring a note from their provider with their name, DOB, and a statement that they qualify. We do not need to know the condition that qualifies them—we trust you on this issue.
If it becomes a problem that the community gets upset that people that probably shouldn’t qualify get letters, we may have to rethink things.
If someone does not have a provider, they can send an email to the health department MHOAC line ( with their information, and I will make a determination. They will need to give more medical history with this request so I can make a decision.
Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Thank you for all that you have done to keep the community safe during this past year.
Gary Pace