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Monday September 28th, 2020 :: 02:08 a.m. PDT

Multiple fires on Los Alamos Road and St Helena Road area. More Evacuation Order’s issued.

There are multiple fires on Los Alamos Road and St Helena Road. This is an EVACUATION ORDER for the following zones:

Zone 6A2:
Southwest of Highway 12
East and north of Warm Springs Road
Northwest of Arnold Drive

Zone 6B3:
Northeast of Highway 12
Southeast of Nuns Canyon Road/Nelligan Road
Southwest of Napa/Sonoma County Line
Northwest of Trinity Road

If you are in this area, calmly and quickly evacuate now. Please, head east on Highway 12 towards Sonoma. Highway 12 westbound is gridlocked. Check with your neighbors to ensure they know about this order if you have time. First responders are going door to door to assist people.

Go to or call 2-1-1 if you have any questions.  View the interactive evacuation map and search your address at If you need help evacuating animals, call 707-861-0699 (Sonoma CART). If you need help evacuating livestock, call 707-234-7193 (NorCal Livestock Evac).

This area is referenced as zone 6A2 and 6B3 in the attached map. Future orders will reference this map as well.

If you feel unsafe, evacuate.


Evacuate now if you live in zones 6A2 and 6B3.

Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office
2796 Ventura Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95403