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Cobb is a ‘Four Season Wonderland’ in the Mayacamas Mountain Range, with elevations from 2,400 to 4,722 feet. Trees become more majestic with each rise in elevation: forests of pine, oak, fir, madrone, and cedar are enlivened with dogwood, redbud, and wild lilac blossoms.

In September 2015 a devastating fire struck a heavy blow to the Cobb community. For the most part, the main Cobb business section was untouched, however the surrounding areas were hit hard. Historic Hoberg’s Resort was destroyed but the owners are intending to rebuild. Due to the loss of homes, many residents have had to relocate until they can rebuild.

Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest is currently closed until mid-summer as it suffered the loss of thousands of trees. Reforestation efforts have already begun with plans to plant over 100,000 trees. The Nature Conservancy offers guided tours of Boggs Lake Ecological Preserve, a protected vernal pool.

The communities surrounding Cobb Valley began in the late 1800s when several famous volcanic hot springs resorts attracted people seeking remedies for their ailments. Today, summer visitors flock to Cobb’s lodgings and resorts, restaurants, pub, golf courses, market, video store, and shops. A water bottling plant, post office and gas station can also be found on the mountain. Golfers enjoy two high altitude 9-hole courses nestled under the pines. Adams Springs lost its clubhouse to the fire, but the course is functioning and the owners have begun rebuilding the clubhouse. Black Rock Golf Club was recently purchased by the Moore Family which also owns a nearby winery and is renovating and expanding it to provide banquet facilities; the golf course operates daily.

After the fire a strong sense of community – exemplified by the motto “Cobb Strong” – can be felt as friends gather at the Village pub, to enjoy a pizza at the Brick Oven, or to sip a local brew at Mutt and Jess brewery and bakery. The Cobb Mountain area is home to many artists and published authors, and hosts events such as Cobb stock in June (a festival of music with several bands), and the Holiday in the Pines Art & Craft Faire, which is held in November.