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Blue Lakes

bluelakesIn northwestern Lake County, the quaint recreational community of Blue Lakes dots the shores of two small, peaceful lakes known simply as Upper Blue Lake and Lower Blue Lake, bordered by State Highway 20 to the north and densely forested hillsides to the south. Just a few minutes’ drive from Upper Lake or Lakeport, this spot is a favorite getaway for local residents and out-of-town vacationers alike, with lodging options from upscale to camping.

Swimming and fishing are popular in the crystal clear water. A boat speed limit of 5 mph makes for serene surroundings and a popular spot for kayaks, canoes, patio boats, and even the occasional windsurfer; several resorts offer watercraft rentals, even electric boats and the latest craze, “SUPs” (stand up paddle boards.)

The deep water of Upper Blue Lake supports populations of bass and bluegill and are stocked monthly with rainbow trout, so both novice and experienced anglers can drop in a line from a dock, the shore’s edge, or even a boat at a favorite fishing spot.

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