COVID-19 Alerts

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Restaurants in Lake County have been severely impacted by the COVID19 pandemic rules resulting in loss of business and customers. We want to help! The Lake County Chamber of Commerce in partnership with our Lake County Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) program plans to launch the Dine Out Lake County CA program to promote Lake County restaurants this spring. Dine Out Lake County CA will run from March 22nd through July 11th, 2021.

We have divided the county up into four geographic areas: North Shore – Upper Lake to Clearlake Oaks including Nice, Lucerne, Glenhaven and the Oaks; Clearlake, Lower Lake, and the Rivieras; Lakeport, Finley, and Kelseyville; South County including Cobb, Middletown, Hidden Valley Lake.

Each week, restaurants in one of the geographic areas will be featured. We invite  you to join us as a partner in this effort to bring business back to our restaurants as you experience Dining Out in each of the areas. Please share and use these hashtags #DineOutLakeCountyCA and #LakeCountyCA.