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Bobby Dutcher

2021 – 2023 Lake County Chamber of Commerce President

Realtor – Wine Country Land & Ranches

A life long Lake County resident, I attended school in Upper Lake from kindergarten-12th grade. After graduating from high school, I moved away for four years to college and returned to start my own timber management company. Retired from timber management in 2002 and became a licensed real estate broker. Married my wife Nanette in 1991 and have two daughters, Briana and Lindsey. From 1990-2002, I was the submitter of numerous projects going through the CEQA process, which has proven to be an invaluable experience helping clients purchase undeveloped land. I have fished and hunted my entire life and took up alpine climbing a few years ago and have seven 14,000 summits so far. Finding recreational properties for people who are also passionate about wildlife and conservation makes this job very rewarding. Expanding Lake Counties wine and cannabis industry is very important to me, as Lake County’s climate makes this an ideal place for both crops.


Lisa Wilson

2018-2022 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Vice President 

Owner – Clearlake Campground

I have many years of retail management experience, including Macys, and Macys moved me to New York in 2001, where I grew my career until moving to Lake County in 2011. I loved NY and all the cultural experiences like the theater and museums. I loved being able to get almost anything at all to eat at any time of day or night. I even liked the subway! I feel very much at home here in Lake County and I get to NY for my big city feels every year. Since moving to Lake County, I’ve worked remote and part time on eCommerce projects for Simon Property Group, Walmart Global eCommerce, and Century 21 Department Stores. The remote and part time gigs have been a good fit with my seasonal business, Clear Lake Campground. Clear Lake Campground is a relaxing vintage campground on Cache Creek. We greet locals and out of county guests who love to fish, go wine tasting, and go kayaking. We host vintage trailer rallies and special events throughout the year. I serve on the Mendocino College Shakespeare at the Lake Committee that brought Shakespeare to Austin Park in Clearlake in 2019. I served on the Steering Committee that got the Tourism Improvement District formed. One of my favorite things about small town living is being involved in the community and working on projects that make Lake County better for everyone.


Diane Plante

2017-2022 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Financial Officer

CPA – Tomkins Tax Consultants

Diane  graduated high school from Upper Lake and college from California State University, Sacramento. She’s been practicing accounting and bookkeeping since 1995 and completed my licensing requirements for Certified Public Accounting in 2000. She has worked 3 years in private accounting and over 6 years auditing experience with another accounting firm. Diane serves on the board of directors for Hospice Services of Lake County and Good Shepherd Ecumenical Academy, in addition to volunteer duties on the Upper Lake High School Bond Measure for the new facilities. She and her family and I have decided to live in Lake County for the beauty, business opportunities and friendships here. She looks I look forward to serving you and our communities.



Joe Casteel

2016-2021 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

Founder & CEO – North Bay Merchant Services

Being in business financial services has offered me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of businesses. From large multi-million dollar corporations to small entrepreneurs working from home, I have developed an understanding and drive to assist in any way I can to help them achieve their goals and run an efficient, profitable business.




Jeff Warrenburg

2019-2023 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

General Manager – Skylark Shores Resort

I arrived in Lake County in 2017 from Antioch, opened the Paradise Skate Roller Rink at the Lake County Fairgrounds and transferred my-long standing Rotary membership to the Lakeport Rotary Club.  I have been very successful with several business ventures for over twenty years.  I owned Golf & Games Family Fun Center in Antioch, Antioch Paintball Park, Pixieland Amusement Park in Concord and still own Paradise Skate Roller Rink Inc. in Antioch.  I am a Certified Tourism Ambassador for Lake County and serve on the Board of Directors for Roller Skating Association and 1Team1Dream.I have led teams of up to 27 employees; my business experience includes marketing / promotions, finance management, event coordination and I consider myself very customer service oriented. Since arriving in Lakeport/Lake County I have hit the ground running to become involved in the community.  I currently serve on the Lake County Chamber Board of Directors, Lake County Fair Foundation Board, President of the Rotary Club of Lakeport and I was appointed to the Lakeport Planning Commission in 2020.  I value community involvement as an obligation especially as the community has given to my success, I need to contribute to the success of my community.  I am also very committed to preserving our local Lake County Fair which is important to all ages throughout the County. While Paradise Skate Roller Rink in Antioch is still in business Paradise Skate Roller Rink in Lakeport succumbed to the pandemic a couple of months ago.  With my many years of being an owner/manager of very successful businesses, I accepted the position of General Manager for Skylark Shores Resort in Lakeport. I love the people and the community here and have purchased a home in Lakeport as I plan to stay here. I have an excellent manager for my business in Antioch which allows that business to succeed with minimal oversight from me I feel being on the Board of the Lake County Chamber is another avenue through which I can contribute to the success of the business community.


Gary Deas 

2021-2023 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

Owner- Our Tiny Diner/ Director of Operations Elijah House 

My wife, Lacey Deas and I have lived in Lake County for about 20 years. We have a farm in Lakeport. We are both very active in our community. I love Lake County. My desire to sit on the board is truly that simple. I know that Lake County has so much to offer. I know that we need to help our local businesses recover and rebuild due to COVID. I know that this will be a big effort and be an “all hands-on deck” endeavor. I want to be a part of this endeavor. I have owned several small businesses over the last 30 years. I know the financial struggle, the hiring struggle and the day to day struggle that any business can go through. I think my love of Lake County, my knowledge of small businesses, my eagerness to help, and my ability to talk to anyone all make me a perfect Board Member. I was Mr. Lake County for 2 years and I was Lake County Man of the Year in 2018. My goal in both roles was to share the absolute best of Lake County. Today, my mission is the same; to continue to share all the opportunities and benefits of living and owning a business in Lake County.


Jim Magliulo

2019-2021 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

Owner – County Air Commercial

Jim was born and raised in California and began his professional career successfully owning and operating several small businesses.  He began in the printing industry where his enterprises: Pacific Press, East West Graphics, Jamar Travel Group & JLM Marketing (all separate entities) helped lay the groundwork and serve his future in Commercial Real Estate.Jim holds degrees in Accounting and Marketing and has successfully completed numerous Real Estate Courses.   He served four years in the United States Coast Guard, with an Honorable discharge. Jim  (aka “The Commercial Guy”) believes in the integrity of good business, honestly conducted, in consideration for the health and developmental balance of the community and its surrounding region.  He is very involved in his community of Lakeport, and throughout Lake County.  He previously served three years as President of the Lake County Chamber of Commerce, and participates in many County and City activities. Jim has extensive past experience in residential sales, and although he now exclusively handles Commercial Real Estate. He sees Chamber affiliation as one avenue where a variety of business minds can pool their experience and knowledge into productive dialog and action.  He sees being a Director as an opportunity to envision how – business-to-business – solutions can be developed. Jim believes that it’s important for each of us in business, in Lake County, to try to connect and assist in some way with the challenges we all commonly face:  overall economic growth, revisions and renovations where needed, the attraction of business venues we lack and conscientious maintenance of the treasures our County offers.  In fact, Jim sees business and community service mutually interdependent! Jim enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Marcii, his six children and many grandchildren.  He plays Raquetball, enjoys fishing, biking, golf — and time on beautiful Clear Lake, boating with family and friends! Jim’s decision to commit energy and ideas as a Chamber of Commerce Director had nothing to do with having time on his hands and no other demands!


David Santos

2019-2021 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

President –Adventist Health Clear Lake

David Santos was appointed President of Adventist Health Clear Lake in May 2014. Santos joined the leadership team at AHCL in 2011 as Vice President of Operations, responsible for all operations of the 25-bed hospital and its multiple affiliated clinics in Lake County. During his tenure, the hospital has experienced remarkable growth in patient visits, staff, employee engagement, provider recruitment and financial health.




Laura McAndrews Sammel 

2021-2023 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

CFO, Exective Consultant- Combs Consulting Group

I have been a Lake County resident and member of its business community for over fourteen years. I’M in love with this beautiful place and I’m very happy to call it home. I met and married my husband and helped raise three amazing children here. I currently work with Combs Consulting Group as an Executive Human Resources and Leadership Coach. I work with business owners and leaders to manage their most valuable asset – their people! I enjoy my work, especially as I see the impact that helping businesses succeed has on the overall economic development of our community. I’m the President-Elect of the Rotary Club of Lakeport, a member of the Board of Directors for the Lake County Arts Council, the Chair of LCCC’s Business Education Committee, and an appointed member of the Lakeport Economic Development Committee. I am also an active member of the Lake County Theatre Company and have performed in its recent productions of Oklahoma and Chicago. I hold a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Western Governors University.


Mogen (Wells) Jarus

2020-2021 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

Community Relations & Fund Development Specialist- Sutter Lakeside Hospital

I am an Ohio native, and have lived in Lake County for five years after moving to California to work as Sutter Lakeside Hospital’s Community Relations & Fund Development Coordinator. I have a BA in journalism and history from the University of Kentucky and I’m pursuing my MBA from Missouri State University. My husband and I live on a 3.5-acre hobby farm in Lakeport, where we enjoy the company of 4 chickens, 3 dogs, 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats, and a sleepy farm cat. I feel passionately about developing business in Lake County as a way to offer opportunity and economic development and break the cycle of generational poverty.  In my free time, I enjoy the sunshine, being on the water and spending time with my animals. I love Lake County and feel adopted by a community of wonderful people who care about where they live. I particularly enjoy community events (during non-pandemic years), such as Street Dances, Taste of Lakeport, and Concerts in the Park. I particularly love the Kelseyville Pear Festival, as I met my husband there on a blind date in 2017. I hope to influence business-friendly policies and practices and offer development help to small businesses around the lake.


Mathew Metcalf

2020-2022 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

Owner – Greenview Restaurant

I have lived in Lake County for four years now after twenty years living and working in San Francisco.  You may know me as the Food & Beverage Director and Events Director for Hidden Valley Lake Association. I currently sit on the Middletown Area Merchants Association (MAMA) and Lake County Winery Association (LCWA) Boards of Directors.  I recently became a Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) for Lake County as well.  I try to involve myself in our local community as much as possible through volunteer and charity work.  I have participated in every Lake County School Career Day I can find and always find somewhere and someone to cook for when we have had local wildfires. I went to Chico after the Paradise fire and worked at the World Central Kitchen operation.  Another project, I personally made 150 jars of jam and donated all of the proceeds to a local organization, Totes for Teens.I feel that Lake County has extreme potential, unmatched beauty and wonderful people.  Ultimately, my goal is to do my part to accentuate those things, especially by using my unique skill set in the hospitality industry.  I am always proud to serve my community and being a Lake County Chamber Director allows me to expand on that service.


Helena Welsh

2019-2022 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

Executive Director- Lake County Winery Association

Helena Welsh is the Executive Director of the Lake County Winery Association. Helena currently serves as a Board Director of the Lake County Chamber of Commerce, Lake County Complete Count Committee, 1Team1Dream, as well as being a Certified Tourism Ambassador for Lake County. Additionally, Helena has served as a Board Member for the Valley Fire Rebuild Expo and Board Treasurer for the Summit Recreation and Social Club. After graduating from California State University, Sacramento with a degree in Business Administration, Helena moved to Lake County and is raising her family in Cobb.



Michael Chandler 

2021-2022 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

Owner- Third Eye Visuals

I grew up in Southern California with a camera in hand and a keen interest in experimenting with photography and videography. Largely self-taught, I bolstered my skill set, market understanding, and leadership skills with practical experience, classes and workshops, and several tours of duty as a Burning Man camp lead as I made my way through Tahoe and Sonoma County en route to Lake County, where I settled in 2013. In 2017, I founded Third Eye Visuals to focus on exploring and perfecting innovative photographic and cinematic techniques for integration into conventional projects to better support education and small business. Infused with my passion for photography, education and community outreach, Third Eye Visuals is currently developing offerings such as virtual field trips for students, aerial shoots to attract pilots to the area, virtual venue flythroughs’, and hybridized video/livestream interactive entertainment experiences. I was most recently invited to head the newly created ARTech Committee in Middletown, an initiative formed to advance Lake County’s art scene as well as it’s schools and businesses through the smart fusion of art and technology.


Erin McCarrick 

2021-2022 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

Owner- Backroads Distribution

I am a California native who took a long stint in the Midwest after high school. I came back to California to get my MBA at the University of San Francisco. In 2015, I came to Lake County as a liaison between the fire recovery companies, local hires, unions, and the state government to train and staff the massive effort to clean up the Valley Fire and subsequently the Clayton Fire. We committed to hiring over 40% locally and worked to give back to Lake County as a whole. I still maintain many of those relationships and reach out to local hires in new business endeavors. Knowing I wanted to make Lake County my home and discovering many of my great relatives lived and owned businesses here, I decided to open a business myself. At the same time, I was working with my uncle who had cancer and was working with cannabis to find ways to ease his pain. With the new laws allowing cannabis to come to Clearlake, we applied for a distribution license, and are soon to open Backroads Distribution. Each day I continue to discover the hidden gems of people and places here. I enjoy serving as a Planning Commissioner in Clearlake and working the Certified Tourism Ambassador program to promote Clearlake and Lake County as a whole. I look forward to the next step in discovery  with the Lake County Chamber of Commerce. I also think it is important for the Chamber to have a voice from the cannabis industry on the board.


Amanda Martin 

2021-2022 Lake County Chamber of Commerce Director

Founder & Director- Manda CoVentures

A native of Lake County with a background in Communication Design, Media, and International Studies, Amanda is Founder-Director of Manda CoVentures, an event curation, marketing, and grant development consultancy focused on youth, the arts, and social entrepreneurship. Co-coordinator of Lake County’s first community resilience event, Neighborfest, and an implementation consultant for the program, Amanda specializes in hybrid event planning and promotion that leverages both F2F and virtual interactions for the post Covid-19 economy. Amanda is President of the Middletown Art Center as well as a board member of the Middletown Area Merchants Association. Certified in ecological design and passionate about the climate crisis, Amanda spends as much time as she can outdoors and in wilderness areas. She is also very interested in the role ICT could play in accelerating entrepreneurial skills transfer and sustainable economic development in Lake County.


Melissa Fulton


Melissa has been the CEO for the Lake County Chamber of Commerce since October, 1990, with the exception of a 3 1/2 year position as the Advertising Director for the Lake County Record-Bee and the Clearlake Observer*American from December 1997 to July, 2001.Prior to moving to Lakeport, the Fulton’s owned a home in Oxnard in Southern California where Melissa had a 15 year career in management with Raytheon Corporation.  She was one of the first female Production Control Managers in that company, overseeing a department of 40 people.  She is a graduate of the Raytheon Engineering Management Association. Melissa is on the Board of the Lake County Economic Development Corporation and has served on various committees dealing with business during her years in Lake County.Her hobbies include photography, motorcycling, camping, gardening, and she considers herself a community volunteer.  She has been on the Board of the Lake County Rodeo Association since the early 90s. Economic development is a great interest of hers and she considers her position with the Chamber to be ‘a perfect job’, mainly because it’s not a job, it’s a passion.