COVID-19 Alerts

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MAMA has compiled a list of our South Lake County businesses (and businesses that serve SoLakeCo) and their open hours. The list is available NOW at our website.

With your help, we hope to keep the list updated as business situations change. Please email us at with any updates by Wednesday of each week. Amanda Martin will make the updates and Mark Rudiger will get them on the website by Saturday.

If your business is not on the list, please reply to this email with

  • Your business name
  • Whether you are open or closed — we want to list ALL businesses
    • IF you are open, your open hours (or the way you are delivering product/service)
  • Your business contact information
  • Anything else you want customers to know


** A special thanks to Amanda Martin, Manda CoVentures, who is spearheading this project and Mark Rudiger, Lake County Websites and Computer Repair. **