Bobby Dutcher

2020 – 2023 Lake County Chamber of Commerce President

Realtor – Wine Country Land & Ranches

A life long Lake County resident, I attended school in Upper Lake from kindergarten-12th grade. After graduating from high school, I moved away for four years to college and returned to start my own timber management company. Retired from timber management in 2002 and became a licensed real estate broker. Married my wife Nanette in 1991 and have two daughters, Briana and Lindsey. From 1990-2002, I was the submitter of numerous projects going through the CEQA process, which has proven to be an invaluable experience helping clients purchase undeveloped land. I have fished and hunted my entire life and took up alpine climbing a few years ago and have seven 14,000 summits so far. Finding recreational properties for people who are also passionate about wildlife and conservation makes this job very rewarding. Expanding Lake Counties wine and cannabis industry is very important to me, as Lake County’s climate makes this an ideal place for both crops.