My message this month will be a bit different than in the past and I hope everyone will indulge me as I react to the recent news that Greg Folsom, the exceptional City Manager at the City of Clearlake will be leaving our county. This is not so much about Greg but about the type of person and leader the city of Clearlake had working on their behalf. As I see it, there are two types of people that we see in the public realm, the “Doers” and the “Don’ters”. Greg Folsom is a Doer.

Simply put, the Doers of the county are the ones who light up a room from the moment they walk through the door. There is a confident and positive vibe about them. The Don’ters will walk into a room and are usually followed by a rush of air from the collective exhale emanating from the mouths of everyone in the room. There is either a negative or indifferent vibe about them. Confidence is an afterthought.

The Doers can see a challenge, evaluate the issues involved and work toward a solution without a doubt in their mind that a solution can and will be achieved. By not accepting “no” or “wait” as an answer, they find results where others find delays. By understanding that no problem is without solution, they can and will work to unify all that are involved to achieve the goal together. The Doer is not afraid of failure, they understand that there are no failures.

On the other hand, the Don’ters look at a challenge as the proverbial tin can that needs to be kicked down the street whenever it is encountered. For the Don’ter, there is no limit to the number of times that tin can is given the boot. The Don’ter expects the tin can will, at some point, cross the path of another. At which point the tin can no longer belongs to them and will now sit in the pantry of someone else.If a delay can be done, the risk of failure is lessened and the Don’ter does not want to fail.“No” and “wait” are two words that are very acceptable answers to the Don’ters.

Our county needs less Don’ters. Our county needs more Doers. We’re losing one, anyone know where we can find another?

The City of Clearlake and the County of Lake will miss Greg Folsom, I wish him well.

Joe Casteel

2019 President, Lake County Chamber of Commerce
Owner, North Bay Merchant Services

Joe Casteel is a 20 year veteran of the Electronic Payment industry and moved his business to Lake County in 2006. A proud member of the Lake County Chamber of Commerce and current President, Joe and his wife Jacie have called Lake County their home since 2001.