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Stone, Bill (A & B Collision Inc.) - Clearlake, CA

Sanderson, Maryann (Accomplished Insurance Marketing) - Kelseyville, CA

Stave, John (Anytime Fitness) - Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Schlange, Eric (BitSculptor) - Lakeport, CA

Stone, Bonnie (Bonnie's Barbershop) - Kelseyville, CA

Smith, Leann (Brookdale Clearlake) - Clearlake, CA

Seperas, Danielle (Calpine Corporation and Calpine Geothermal Visitor Center) - Middletown, CA

Schlicher, Sue (City Center Realty) - Lakeport, CA

Silveira, Margaret (City Of Lakeport) - Lakeport, CA

Sharon, Joanne (Cobb Mtn. Artists) - ,

Stewart, Ruth (Coyote Valley Pharmacy) - Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Smoley, Phil (CPS Country Air Properties / P. Smoley) - Lakeport, CA

Silva, Miguel Angel (Don Angel Cellars) - Lakeport, CA

Smith, Rick (Early Lake Lions Club) - Lakeport, CA

Smith, Debbie (Frontier Wine Tours) - Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Schall, Bob (Gateway Business Park) - Lakeport, CA

Sperber, Amanda (HIGHLIGHTS by Amanda) - Upper Lake, CA

Stack, Robert S. 'Bob' (International Recovery Solutions) - Kelseyville, CA

Sturges, Joan (Joan Sturges CPA CFE CVA PI) - Kelseyville, CA

Stewart, Ruth (Kelseyville Pharmacy) - Kelseyville, CA

Scully, Michelle (Konocti Christian Academy) - Lakeport, CA

Strickler, Debbie (Lake County Fairgrounds) - Lakeport, CA

St. John, Taira (Lake County - Lakeport, CA

Sommerfield, Debra (Lake County Winegrape Commission) - Kelseyville, CA

Scully, Pam (Lakeport Furniture & Design) - Lakeport, CA

Stolesen, Kandee (Lakeport Lions Club) - Lakeport, CA

Shepherd, Gerald (Lucerne Pharmacy) - Lucerne, CA

Scully, Michelle (Marymount California University-Lakeside Campus) - Lucerne, CA

Swatosh, Shawn (Mediacom) - Clearlake Oaks, CA

Sommerfield, Rian (Nestegg Investment Consulting) - Kelseyville, CA

Scalisi, Jessica (Northshore Business Association) - Lucerne, CA

Smith, Matt (NutriBlends) - Lakeport, CA

Shaffer, Sherry (People Services Inc. Landscaping/Maintenance) - Lakeport, CA

Soderquist, Jason (Plaza Paint & Supplies of Lakeport) - Lakeport, CA

Stiritz, Ken (Precious Forest) - Lucerne, CA

Shipley, Jackie (Realty 360) - Cobb, CA

Sweeney, Kevin (Riviera Hills Restaurant Lounge Golf and Recreation Club) - Kelseyville, CA

Strong, Cindy (Salon 125) - Lakeport, CA

Striedieck, Tanya (Star Gardens) - Middletown, CA

Shine, Pamela (Steele Wines Inc.) - Kelseyville, CA

Strohmeier, Guy (Strohmeier's Auto Center) - Lakeport, CA

Strong, Jennifer (Strong Financial Network) - Lakeport, CA

Sun-Haley DDS, Heidi (Sun Dental) - Lakeport, CA

Smith, Cheryl (The Carriage House) - Lakeport, CA

Schmid, Maryann (The Lodge At Blue Lakes) - Upper Lake, CA

Schwartz, Joanne (Twin Pine Casino) - Middletown, CA

Sproul, Bernadette (Virgin Vapor) - Lakeport, CA

Schugar, David (Wild Creek Restaurant) - Upper Lake, CA

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