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Campos, Ron (Campos Casuals) - Lakeport, CA

Campos, Ron (Campos Casuals - Clearlake) - Clearlake, CA

Collaso, Jeff (Century 21 NorthBay Alliance - Hidden Valley) - Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Collaso, Jeff (Century 21 NorthBay Alliance - Lower Lake) - Lower Lake, CA

Cornett, Merle or Linda (Clear Lake Rimlanders Coalition) - Nice, CA

Curry, Kevin (Clearlake Internet) - Lower Lake, CA

Conser, Michael S. (Conser Land Surveying) - Lakeport, CA

Castro, Jennifer (Gossett Alarm) - Lakeport, CA

Copsey, Rosette (Hospice Services Thrift Store - Clearlake) - Clearlake, CA

Chips, Ron (Kelsey Creek Brewing) - Kelseyville, CA

Crooks, Jonathan (Lakeport Senior Activity Center) - Lakeport, CA

Cubbage, Mike (Lakeport Yacht Club) - Lakeport, CA

Conard, Judy (Law Office of Judy F. Conard) - Lakeport, CA

Cramer, Jeff (Main Street Bicycles) - Lakeport, CA

Champion Meade, Traci (Meade Consulting) - Lakeport, CA

Conser, Mike (Mendo-Lake SUP) - Lakeport, CA

Chiotti-Stewart, Tina (Middletown Florist & Gifts) - Middletown, CA

Casteel, Joe (North Bay Merchant Services) - Lakeport, CA

Canevari, Joni (People Services Inc. Thrift Store) - Clearlake, CA

Christie, Victoria (Roto-Rooter of Lake County) - Kelseyville, CA

Caryl, Michael (Running Creek Casino) - Upper Lake, CA

Cole, Kevin (St. Helena Hospital - Clear Lake) - Clearlake, CA

Casteel, Jacie (Sterling Mortgage) - Lakeport, CA

Coker, Robert (Tatonka Land Miniature Golf) - Clearlake, CA

Coordinator, Observatory (Taylor Observatory) - Kelseyville, CA

Cooley, Patti (The Cottages at Bell Haven) - Kelseyville, CA

Camacho, Dan (The Ice Water Company) - Lakeport, CA

Cole-Lewis, Carol (Thrive Lake County) - Lakeport, CA

Coburn, Lyle (Your One Stop Party Shop) - Lakeport, CA

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